Does God reign in the midst of conflict?



Uncover the power of God’s word in dealing with life’s inevitable conflicts.


Resolve’s two day Reconciler Practicum equips participants to respond to conflict in a biblically faithful manner and to confidently assist others to do likewise.


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About Resolve’s Reconciler Practicum



Resolve’s distinctively biblical model of conflict resolution seeks to identify the underlying causes of strife and assist individuals to examine their motives, attitudes and actions. By evaluating these against the principles recorded in the Bible it is possible to lead people to life-changing solutions.


The training lasts for two days and consists of lectures, example role-play and participation in two major role-plays. In order to gain maximum benefit from the training it is necessary to complete some preliminary study before attendance.


Previous participants have found the training to be both immensely enjoyable and of immediate value in its application to conflict in every day situations.